Ep 58 – Iron Fist Trial of the Seven Masters Finale

Wooo Episode 58 is here and we bring the conclusion to the epic Trial of Seven Masters story-arc! Join Connor and Karl as they gush over it a bit but mostly try to make sense of the sordid history of Kun-Lun!

Show notes

The issue we are covering!


Bob Diamond

Jim Lee

Superman: For Tomorrow

Official Superman 75th Anniversary logo

The first Iron Fist

Pirate Queen Iron Fist

Tuan, the old Yu-Ti

Nu-an the new Yu-Ti

Orson Randall

Wendell Rand

The Eighth City

Iron Fist pushing a bullet out of his chest with Chi

Immortal Iron Fist Series

The Thunderer’s Daughter (current Yu-Ti)

Next issue being covered!

Danzig KO video

Bruce Lee Game of Death outfit side by side with Iron Fist’s new costume

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